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A documentary by Morgan Spurlock where he goes on a McDiet (McDonald's diet) for 30 days and shows the dangerous effect that junk food has on you.
After watching Super Size Me I decided to go to Burger King instead.
by InjusticeForAll November 12, 2005
An interesting documentary where a man named Morgan Spurlock eats McDonalds meals three times a day for one month. As he does this, we see how this affects him and how he's telling all those McDonalds fans who love their favourite fast-food restaurant too much about what could happen to them.
Man: After watching Supersize Me, I think I'm going to stop eating all that McDonalds.
by DudeWho'sJustABitNuts October 23, 2006
Morgan Spurlock's excuse to prance about in a patriotically-themed banana hammock.
Actually, Supersize Me was a pretty damn good documentary too.
by Emperor Kayl April 15, 2008
An excellent documentary/one and three quarter hour long McDonalds commercial.
After watching Super size me, shane and myself had to get some big macs.....i think we missed the message
by Super Famicom December 08, 2004
One of the most pointless and idealistic doccumentaries of our time. Entrails some "Genius" by the name Morgan Spurlock eating 3 square meals of Mc Donalds for one month and suprise suprise he gets fat. Wow! We never could have figured that one out on our own, hey numb nuts?!
Person A: "Man supersize me is the best film ever!"

Person B: "You sicken me, get the hell out of my office!"

by Kid Conformist January 05, 2007
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