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Beyond rad, surprassing even skott
Man he is super rad.
by Kasper October 01, 2004
The super-ness of rad-ness: when something is so sweet and so extreme that it must have a phrase invented all for itself.

A phrase used (and probably originated) by the most rockin, rollin, skanking band of insaneness, The Aquabats. Super Rad is a name of one of their greatest and earliest songs.

The phrase Super Rad is a pretty fair way of expressing divine awsomeness.
1) "Hey bro ya know that band the Aquabats, well they are pretty freaking Super Rad."

2) " Hey man did you see Jerry's new shoes, well i must say they are exquisitly Sper Rad"

3) Tell your mom, Tell your dad, We were Super Rad
by Jesstapher June 03, 2006