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A really awesome or amazing thing, usually invovling something or someone supernatural. It is usually very exciting, aka super dooper.
Person 1: Woah that movie was super dooper!
Person 2: Yes, extremely.
by Kakakakakakkakakkakakakkakaloo November 18, 2006
"Super Dooper" can be added to the beginning of any word and will literally mean three of that word.

Warning: this phrase is very contagious and causes uncontrollable laughter. Use with Caution!
Most common is the "Super dooper bed" consisting of three bunk beds lined up consecutively to form the "super dooper bed". Can fit up to 15 people or one "super dooper group"

A common misconception is that a pot of gold lies at the end of a rainbow. The truth is, one will find a "Super dooper bed" at the end of a rainbow.
by WongTongSoup4Life June 07, 2010
when sometyhing is spiffing/ absolutely great. it can be said to be wuperdooper,
word up my bredren that is superdooper, chin
by MrW February 01, 2005
A 'super dooper' occurs when an individual takes (specifically) boot laces and ties them together. The individual then ties large knots down the length of the laces. The individual then places the laces in another individual's rectum.
My old lady and I were having some fun, then it got crazy and she gave a a super dooper! It was super:D
by J Styles November 30, 2012
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