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similar to the shocker with the addition of the thumb and tongue. 2 in the pit, 1 in the shit, thumb on the clit, and tongue on the tit.
I think I am going to give little betty the super shocker tonight. Giggity giggity.
by 2nd Seal September 09, 2003
Two In the pink and one in the stink, plus a thumb on the clit(that's what makes it super)> A total of 4 fingers is invovled, all 5 if she's loose.
The Super Shocker is way more effective than a regular shocker.
by Anthony ESQ. September 18, 2006
When "two in the coot and one in the poot" involves fists and a third person, implying loose whore.
I heard Karen's been around the block more times than the garbage man. One time they were giving her the super shocker, and she was so loose, a midget doing jumping jacks fell out.
by Jodi S March 02, 2008
The regular shocker, only using both hands with the ring fingers interlaced. And with palms together.
She was shocked with the regular shocker. She was really shocked when I applied the super shocker.
by hedman February 26, 2006
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