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v. To eat dinner. (From "to sup")
Dudes and dudettes, time to supsup.
by alabaster December 14, 2004

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a phrase conjured up by ben calpotura and ira balagtas in the year of 2001. it is a phrase used as a greeting.
oh sup SUP playa i heard you be hella propah lemme beat
by ira July 22, 2003
Filipino-Visayan term for suckling (as in milk feeding). Used in general, doesn't always pertain to sexual nature.

Supsupa - Suck it off (active)
Supsupi - Suck it off (future)
Gisupsup - Sucked
Supsupa ang gasolina, para mudagan sa "hose". - Suck the gasoline out so that it'll start flowing in the hose.

Supsupi sa nang mangga, ayha paaka. - Suck the mango before biting it.

Gisupsup ni Juan iyang pag-kaon ganina. - John sucked off his food earlier.
by ronskee September 20, 2004
Sup sup means supper.
Zach you tool come get your sup sup
by ngay April 30, 2007