Filipino-Visayan term for suckling (as in milk feeding). Used in general, doesn't always pertain to sexual nature.

Supsupa - Suck it off (active)
Supsupi - Suck it off (future)
Gisupsup - Sucked
Supsupa ang gasolina, para mudagan sa "hose". - Suck the gasoline out so that it'll start flowing in the hose.

Supsupi sa nang mangga, ayha paaka. - Suck the mango before biting it.

Gisupsup ni Juan iyang pag-kaon ganina. - John sucked off his food earlier.
by ronskee September 20, 2004
Top Definition
a phrase conjured up by ben calpotura and ira balagtas in the year of 2001. it is a phrase used as a greeting.
oh sup SUP playa i heard you be hella propah lemme beat
by ira July 22, 2003
v. To eat dinner. (From "to sup")
Dudes and dudettes, time to supsup.
by alabaster December 14, 2004
Sup sup means supper.
Zach you tool come get your sup sup
by ngay April 30, 2007
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