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Geneseo is a public college in New York. It was founded in 1871 and has an undergrad population of 5,481. Geneseo considers itself to be a public honors college and the best SUNY

Class of 2013 Academic Profile:
950 Freshmen
60% were in the 10% of their high school classes
mean high school average- 94
the average SAT score was a 1340 (combined math and critical reading sections)
Annual tuition is just $4,970 for in-state students and $12,870 for out-of-state students
Geneseo is one of only 268 colleges and universities to have a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest and most prestigious honor society.
It's regularly ranked by Kiplinger as one of the best values in public colleges
SUNY Geneseo is a really great school; the professors are easy to talk to and very helpful, and the campus is gorgeous. It has a small school environment and it's hard not to love it.
by briell January 07, 2010
The stereotypical college town minus any form of diversity and in the middle of nowhere. The predominately white, female student body makes up more than half the town of Geneseo's population. On any given weekend the entire student body can be found migrating to the North side of campus to drink at the many frat houses on Court St. If students don't pass out somewhere outside of the frats they stumble up to one of the many bars along Main St. Sports are not Geneseo's forte unless you like running or hockey, or chasing down and beating up honkeys cause there are a lot of them.
I went to SUNY Geneseo for the weekend and got wasted, then we killed some crackers.
by MNE January 21, 2006
A college in the middle of no where new york, in which only white, abercrombie wearing, upper-middle class students from the buffalo and long island regions go. Based on an unfounded belief that geneseo is an "honors" college many whom were popular, intelligent, social, big fish in the their small ponds come together and act as if geneseo is more like harvard and is located rather in laguna beach, where the local bars rank more like hyde or teddys. Each night students can be found either at a party with plenty of over tanned, over worked out guys and girls or drinking in their dorm watching hours of mtv.
Wow, i can't wait to go party with those celebrities at SUNY Geneseo.
by you15 May 18, 2007

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