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that gayest shit ever
these layouts suckk
omg her layout is so bad
its probably from sunshine layouts
by January 09, 2009
The only Myspace layout site worth using. Sunshine Layouts is the most stylish and cutting edge of all other layouts sites. Its owner, Melissa, is the most ridiculously amazing person you will ever have the priviledge of meeting. While constantly offering the best of layouts, codes, graphics, surveys, and contests for her friends to enter, Melissa sacrifices her time to raise money for Social Vibe and also runs a "rant" site where people from all walks of life come together to talk about today's issues. Sunshine Layouts is not only revolutionary, it gives hope for all who own a Myspace account to reach beyond the mediocrity of other layouts and look perfect.
Oh my goodness! My Myspace layout looks so gross. I better go to sunshine layouts and do something about it.
by myralovessunshine January 09, 2009
Sheer genius just like radical owner Melissa. To quote Avril, "the best #### thing that your eyes have ever seen."
Also known as Bebop layouts.
Albert Einstein's brain falls short as sunshine layouts.
by Jimie O January 10, 2009
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