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a dangerous mob of indian raggamuffins of the "rude boi" persuasion. Led by Ashik "sunlight" Shah they roam ghettoes such as Hampstead hopin to "jack" ppl smaller than "lil amar". Protection is provided by the muscular "big amar" and mysterious "Jay" who will offer to "buss a cap in yo ass" if you delibertately stand above ashiks eyesight. They will often be seen "trying" to be friends with afro-carribeans who in turn will ask to "borrow" £5 from "Big Amar"!-Recently split since hustling got in the way of their studies and lil amar& Ashik got tutors!
"Big Amar", "Jay", "Ashik sunlight", "lil Amar"- occasionally Mockii(Paki)
by Bod Squad! October 07, 2003