The urination of a bear/turtle after drinking and eating a mixture of water and dandilions
eg. ew im not drinking that " sunkist "
by BeaverOverLord March 21, 2005
Top Definition
the best soda ever.
i love sunkist
by Pitts October 27, 2003
The best drink ever, If you don't drink it, It will take you to a dark place...
Guy:"hey... what happend to your eye"
me:"oh... nothing... I just... feel while I was reading..."
guy:".. did sunkist do this to you!?!"
me:"shut up!... He can hear you..."
me:"Iv... Iv got to go..."

(2 days later)
*phone rings*
Guy:"daniel... where have you been?"
Guy:"Is sunkist around?"
Guy:"are you scared?"
guy:"Did you beat you?"
guy:"Are you oka.."
me:"No.. Please! Stop! AHH!"
by sorrow&fear October 29, 2006
wicked drink that tastes dilicioushizlle.
yes its a word.. look it up.
sunkist is as good as hugs. from ppl that u like]
by wicked freak January 16, 2007
All juice no seeds.
Woman: I don't want to get pregnant

Man: Don't worry, I'm a sunkist!
by Hotmother May 01, 2009
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