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. Noun: An urban legend, Summerpam has been “known” to corrupt the most innocent of office parties, study sessions, group meetings and even meetings with “clients” Considered an Urban legend because victims often do not recall many details of the event in question, actual existence of Summerpam is yet to be proven. There are a number of sorted rumours surround this mythical creature, one Summerpam believer claims that Summerpam died on the streets of Port Dalhousie one May 24 weekend and ever since then the ghost of Summerpam haunts party people by dancing on bar tops and encouraging insane partying on work/ school night’s.

2. Adj: Summerpam can be used to explain a phenomenon that is pleasantly evil, something that causes a spectacular time, but leaves a wake of destruction. Synonym: (diabolical)

1. Bob: Hey do you remember what happened last night at the office party??
Bert: No, not really the last thing someone said Summerpam was there

2. That shot of jagger was Summerpam.
by Kate the Snake November 16, 2005
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