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When the mercury rises and the humidity peaks, a frequently resulting condition is known as summer sack. The condition can be characterized by temporary ball sack adhesion to the upper thigh, general saturation in perspiration, and a resulting mysterious funk. Similar to swamp nuts in the tropics and American south.
Friend: I have got some serious swas going.

Friend 2: Yeah, I've got summer sack for sure.
by gordonblue August 22, 2007
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1. hot, sweaty, saggy testicles.
2. a bag used in the summer months.

noun: plural - summer sacks
pronounciation: 'se-mer'sak

I need a butter knife to scrape my summer sack off my leg.
Can you turn on the A/C? My summer sack is leaking out of my shorts.
by Salty T October 29, 2007

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