A band like none other, a perfected excellence that cannot be matched, their sound perfected in every way will never be matched by any future band. their sound goes together perfectly deryck cone and broundsoud rippin it on their guitars and steve. they are a band, not to be exceeded by any others, a perfected excellence.
sum 41 rocks, but thye should come to Wichita,Kansas where all their biggest fans are.
by kyle November 26, 2003
The best band of the world featuring Deryck Whibley (Bizzy D), Dave Baksh (Brown Sound), Steve Jocz (Stevo 32) and Jay McCaslin (Cone).Every song they make is great.
ROCK, it's what they're all about !!
by Nath November 15, 2003
the best fuckin band ever!!!!!!!!! Deryck is so fuckin hot and hes mine!!
by B. D. November 09, 2003
a band from canada that is a target of critisism from real "punks" who have nothing better to do with their time other than to put down a band that has had sucess while their favorite bands still haven't been to an award show.
sum 41 is well know, what about your bands?
by jamie October 19, 2003
A cool band with some hard stuff to play (Makes no Difference)
I just downloaded Sum41 songs on KaZaA... Stick that up your ass RIAA
by bob August 15, 2003
yeah man ~ theyz totally fugly

i think it's cause they iz canadian
they are better than some bands (fro instance guns 'n' roses)
The best band of the world better than all the others band that is great for their music and not their look
I looooove Sum 41
by Nath November 15, 2003
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