An awesome band who are way better than Opeth.
by the indian guy from Sum 41 May 11, 2004
see also amazing. anyone who says sum 41 are shite can kiss my ass. i would like to hear what type of music these people like then all of us with TRUE music taste can slag you for liking shit like avril lavigne. she cant even sing and no way are they like blink 182 coz blink 182 have 3 folk and sum 41 have 4. unless you SAD people who hate sum 41 cant count, this is clearly a difference, and they dont even sound like each other anyway.
everybodys got their problems, everybody says the samething to you, its just a matter of how you solve them, and knowing how to change the things youve been through. i feel ive come to realise that life just cant be compromised. snap back step back and as for me i cant believe this happened to you... the hell song
by lewis [kiss my ass bitch] March 04, 2004
A good band but wrongly labelled as punk
by matt September 04, 2003
Sum 41 Rocks okay. All you Sum 41 haters can kiss my ass. They never said they were punk and I don't think they are. If you really liked Sum 41 you would know that they think they are rock. One of their songs even says that. They are not posers, you Sum 41 haters are the real posers. Yeah some of the Sum 41 fans are fags but if you listen to the lyrics and like their songs and not their image then you're cool and a true Sum 41 fan.
Sum 41 is the best band ever.
by Sum 41 Rocks May 30, 2005
a cool rock band that was formed 41 days into summer (hence the name)
chuck their last album is pretty cool. welcome to hell, I'm not the one, and there's no solution are some of my favorite songs.
by John March 27, 2005
Sum 41 is Deryck (bizzy D) Jay (cone) Steve (steveo32) and Dav (brownsound/hot choclate)they are the greatest band ever.. they are more alternative/rock then punk rock..all of you who think sum 41 are shit, posers, think they call themselves punk rock you all suck! there not for teenie boppers!
a band that makes music??

i love cone and he is mine!!!
by sum41_biggest_fan March 25, 2005
One of the greatest bands on earth. They once teamed up with Tenacious D and made an awesome song. "Things I Want"

I like Sum 41 because they're not like crappy Blink 182 and stupid god damn Taking Back Sunday.

Sum 41 has got their own thing going and they don't care what people think

Rock on
Sum 41 kicks your ass up and down the court.
by BiggyJee December 30, 2004

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