Usually a name of a Middle Eastern male who is abusive, owes people money, and is a genuine asshole. They come to America and ruin peoples lives. They tend to date Koreans and their cousins at the same time. Then they move on to Americans and after a break up they stick their tiny dicks in whatever they can find. Eventually, after all the hookah, cigs, STDs and prostitutes, they die a painful, miserable, death back in Saudi Arabia after being deported from America because he let weed get in the way of school while his gf was studying abroad and he takes no responsibility for any actions and blames his situation on everything around him.
"There is a Sultan. He owes me $4000 and a pack of cigs."

"Is that Sultan?" -"Yeah, Can't you tell by the herpes on his face?"

"There is Sultan. He cried when he went to jail after losing his visa status. They put him in a cell with Hayawan, or Animal..Thats why people who are already stupid should not smoke weed as it gets to their head and ruins their lives."

"Sultan, stop making a million excuses and take some responsibility for once in your life! And you are a waste of life".
by With Love Forever May 16, 2010
Top Definition
Two meanings:
1: King, Ruler, Head of state,
2: Powerful, Expert
1: Sultan of Brunei
2: Sultan-ul-Qalam
by Zahoor Sultan June 06, 2005
Meaning: To use the opportunity of presenting the result of an event that many people are eagerly waiting to hear to weave in a very detailed, tedious yet factually accurate defense of one’s own actions in relation to the result being presented.

Origin: Millions tuned in as Farouk Sultan, head of the election commission prepared to read out the results of Egypt's presidential run-off. Tension built amongst anxious Egyptians to find out who would become the nation's first democratically elected president. However Sultan settled down with a tome of papers to demonstrate how democratically thorough the election commission had been. Sultan’s address lasted an hour while the part the masses wanted to hear (i.e., and the winner is) lasted less than three minutes.
"Rather than simply presenting the award to employee of the year, the head of the selection committee decided to spend ten minutes sultaning. The company employees waiting for the results wanted to hang themselves from boredom."
by Liberal Koshari June 24, 2012
He is the biggest asshole you will ever meet, until you get comfortable with him then he is just amazing. He is extremely athletic and extremely buff (especially the Albanian ones). Has a 11" dick on flop and only fucks the buffest chicks. He is dominant over everyone and everyone is below him. He is extremely muscular and strong and amazing at basketball.
Sultan is Deeeeeeeeeeench
by SeanDolanIsGay June 09, 2014
An awesome person who loves making people around him feel happy, loved, and warm. Also a guy who is intelligent and really dramatic. He also plays the guitar or drums.
Hypothetical person 1: Dude, did you see that rad guitarist?
Hypothetical person 2: Ya, that must have been a sultan!
by K-pop n' Kawaii September 27, 2015
overreacting to the smallest issue like its the end of the world.
I cannot believe when he sultaned, and threatened to "lay you out," for borrowing a hat.

I sultan when I do not get enough sleep.
by overthrowthesultan November 12, 2011
A person who likes food and porn, and while masturbating, thinks about this one girl he likes.
Jane: Why do you have a white stain on your crotch?

Sultan: Ummmm.....testicular cancer.
by Akon Shania Lulu February 18, 2015
To sneak away without acknowledging your co-workers. To employ ninja-like moves to avoid saying goodbye.
Adéu or not adéu? I'll just Sultan out of this place.
by Fishbowler July 30, 2013
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