An employee of a company who's main job requirement is regular travel away from home, usually by airplane early Monday morning and returning late Friday evening.
PJ and Salmon are suitcases in Atlanta for the next 6 months.
by auswalk January 29, 2010
a rectangular container used to hold all of your canadians and it has a handle.
see also: luggage
This suitcase is very sturdy, it can hold all of my stuff.
by JiiM November 05, 2003
An alcoholic drink that consists of one shot of Jack Daniels and one shot of Granadilla/ Passion fruit Cordial(Concentrate). Each in a seperate shot glass. Jack Daniels is drunk firsts and followed shortly by the Granadilla/ Passion Fruit Cordial.

The reason for it being called a suitcase is because it send you packing.
Barman i feel like forgetting how to walk, please give me 6 suitcase's. NOW BITCH!
by Werthie October 05, 2006
Arrogant, hypocritical (calls people geeks despite being one), troll-like humanoid who looks like a little girl. See Doogles.
by Anonymous May 18, 2003
Person who is a shaped like and acts like a suitcase. Also help full if that person is a female named Sue with a last name begining with a "K"
Suitcase chews like a fucking rabbit!
by thimble October 21, 2003
A person who is a scatterbrain, or a slut.
Dat girl is a suitcase, she is all over the place.
by Pittbull March 24, 2005
During sexual activity. Insert two fingers into the vagina, thumb in the rectum. Squeeze, and lift.
Devon gave her the suitcase
by The anal ravager January 26, 2004
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