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When one masterbates wildly till their death and or dies while having uncontrolable sexual intercourse. Also having unprotected sex with hookers.
MIKE: Hey Paul hows your dad been these days... PAUL: aw man, he died bro, he was suisexual, he always had his pecker in his hand tapping all kinds of bitches, not only did he go blind but he went out with a bang.
by the-bouncer August 08, 2011
a person who is neither heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual. they are not attracted to anyone but themselves, therefore, they jackoff a lot.
Fuck sex, I'm a suisexual! Vaginas and penises are GROSS!
by Dan and Amanda April 25, 2006
1. being sexually attracted to or
2. sexually active with the self
etymology: latin, sui- self; english~sexual
1. I swear my roommate is a suisexual. She just sits there in front of the mirror, obviously turned on by her own lingere clad body.
2.I dont have a girlfriend right now, so basically im just suisexual.
by genna buzz April 04, 2005