Imagine feeling as though you have nothing to live for, like everything you`ve strived for has suddenly lost its meaning.
Imagine feeling alone, like everyone you`ve confided in, trusted with your life, gone to for support, has abandoned you and so you remain in a desolate, suffocating room--the walls growing closer, and closer to you.
Imagine feeling such slicing and unbearable pain, that you`re driven to demented attempts of suicide and you finally succeed.

Now imagine examining the placid appearance of your face lying in your casket surrounded by the people--friends and family--you thought stopped caring for you.
Imagine the sorrow on their faces as streams of tears carve their cheeks.
Imagine the hurt they`re experiencing--the hurt emerging from your death and your decision to take your own life.

And you thought you were in pain?

Now then, I ask you:
What do you do when life is a challenge you can`t overcome?
What do you do when giving up seems like your only solution?
What do you do when everything has become a plague in you and you`re in the deepest darkness of despair?

You keep living.
You keep living and continuing on because your problems are only temporary; whereas, killing yourself is a permanent situation.
You keep living because suicide doesn`t bring you relief. Relief is a feeling. And you have to be alive in order to feel it.
You keep living because you can`t achieve anything while dead. As your inert corpse rots in the soil of the earth, you can`t make anything more out of yourself.
Your journey is over and your experience is finished.

Within every two and a quarter hours, every one-hundred and thirty-five minutes, every eighty-one thousand seconds, a person younger than twenty-five commits suicide.
Don`t become a part of this statistic of people who weakly succumb to pressure.
This throbbing, unconceivable strife will all be lost in time because in time, pain heals and it gradually becomes yesterday`s feelings.

You might think your life is over because your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you, or because your family just doesn`t seem to understand you, but good will happen and your life will improve.

Learn to withstand the ache because life is a struggle; it`s a perpetual test of character and perseverance; it tests stamina and resilience and it can either make you or break you.

Suicide isn`t an honorable act to escape a shameful situation because instead of keeping your dignity, you`re revealing your weakness.
You are showing that you cannot cope with struggle and that you have given up in life.
Suicide displays your lack of willpower, lack of appreciation, and lack of morality.

Think of people who are without food, shelter, family, friends, education, and think of people who are victims of natural disasters, who have no control over occurrences; yet are obligated to cope with them; think of people who have it worse than you and suffer far greater grief--before you think of dying.

Eventually, we`ll all die like the day and the night, like the sun in the sky, but until the dusk of my sunset, I am going to embrace life for what it`s worth, I`m going to be grateful for everything I have and count every blessing because life is a blessing in itself; it was given to me, and in return, I`m going to live it, treasure it, enjoy it, and tackle it`s obstacles, to prove that nothing, nothing, can phase me.

Yes, this is my speech.
It was for my english class.
My teacher cried! =(
*acknowledgements to The Used

Examples of suicide:
-Slitting your wrists.
-Hanging yourself.
-Pretty much... anything you do to kill yourself.
by Jamira February 06, 2006
Top Definition
Your way to say to God "You can`t fire me! I quit!"
Georgie put the gun in her mouth and pressed the trigger
by Drow February 04, 2003
People say suicide is selfish and cowardly. That's bullshit. It's more selfish to expect someone to go through life feeling like shit, just so you can keep them around because they make you happy or some shit. It is not they're duty to keep you happy whilst they go through hell, you fucking morons.
Someone decided their live was no longer living, so when they killed themselves, all the sensible people who loved them felt very sad, but realised that it would be selfish to expect them to go on living, just for their own pleasure.
by Oh Shit I'm Dead January 10, 2005
Something which should always be the LAST item on your to-do list.
by Anonymous June 15, 2003
An act which, despite its distaste to many people, is not to be judged. The most notable of the outcomes is the death of the practitioner - however there are other things to consider. It could be done to prove a point, to end personal suffering, or in other extreme circumstances. Consider, for instance, if one had cancer and knew it to be both incurable and excruciatingly painful - and to make things even simpler this person eighty four years of age - suicide would be justified and probably not looked down on. Many who commit suicide may look on their death as a sort of martyrdom (whether it be a delusion of grandeur or realistic is not my place to decide) and believe that it will prove a point. Then there are those who make what many consider to be a mistake and do it in a fit of passion or rage. As I said earlier, though, it is an action that is not to be judged by the living (or in my mind, by anyone). It is a matter of personal decision as to what is best for ther person considering it. While many would say it is an act of selfishness because of the supposed depression it inflicts on others, one might also question what debt we carry to others? Does meeting someone mean that I must live for their happiness? While it is a selfish act in the truest sense of the phrase - an act carried out in self interest - I would contend that this isn't something to condemn as our bashing of it would be in our own self interest. It is an act of self-indulgent hypocrisy to require someone to live through their sadness because we want to limit our own.
Similarly, one who is considering the act should consider others. Other than in the instance of proving a point, it should be done discreetly and not in an overly dramatic fashion so as not to cause others undue or excess pain. As someone who has considered it many times in the past, I have thought it through very thoroughly, and while some may consider suicidal thoughts a sign of depression I would like to note that it has always cheered me up in my moments of despair as it reminds me of my impermanence and that my troubles will all be over one day. It has allowed me to cope. I speak, mind you, not only as the "melodramatic self-piteous emo goth freak" but also as someone who has been on the other end.
Most notably, one should consider just how irrevocable the act is.
1. My elderly neighbor commited suicide three years ago, and now his suffering is at an end.
2. A friend of the family took a bottle of pills and commited suicide, in a moment of regret she left an appology.
3. Suicide, like many other things, is not ours to judge as right or wrong - but the decision should be weighed heavily.

p.s. saying to god, "you can't fire me, I quit!" lol - that was a good one.
by Theoutsider April 30, 2005
A simple and efficient way of dealing with all of life's problems.
Just commit suicide, and you'll never be unhappy again.
by Anonymous May 27, 2003
---Suicide is NOT the cowards way out. If you commit suicide it doesn't mean that you are a weak or bad person. Everybody encounters problems during their lives that may make their lives hard. But it's not how bad these problems are that matters, it's how the individual knows to handle these problems. Some people can't see a way out other than suicide but that doesn't, in any way, make them a weak or lesser person. It only shows that they haven't been taught how to handle their problems in any better way. And that is not their fault.

---Never ignore somebody if they start to talk about ending their life. Most of the time it is NOT for attention. Most of the time it is a cry for help. They are asking for somebody to show that they care. They aren't doing it to be called a poser or stupid or an attention-seeker or any other shit like that. They're saying it because they actually DO want to end it...they do actually feel the need to die. And if you just ignore them, how are you going to feel when you find out that they're dead? Think about it...just try to help the individual as much as you can.

---Suicide is NOT a selfish act. You all say that they're leaving their loved ones behind and hurting them, but that really only makes you selfish. How can you expect this person to continue living through all the pain that their life is giving them? To go through the feeling of being invisible, like they have no one to confide in? To go through feeling like everybody that once loved them has now abandoned them? And to go through feeling that everyday the walls are closing in on them and that everyday they are sinking further and further into despair? Into loneliness and heartache? How on earth can you expect someone to live with that all the time, just to keep everybody else happy? It's not like it's their duty to make everyone happy. So stop being selfish yourself and think of the individual for once.

---Don't think that suicidal people don't care about you. One of the common reasons for suicide is that the individual doesn't want to hurt their loved ones anymore. And though they know that suicide may hurt their loved ones, it stops the individual from ever hurting them again. Better once than a million more times. And deep down inside, the individual probably does know that people do care, but they just can't believe that when they're feeling so down and out. It's just hard to think that people care about you when you feel that they never seem to show it and they never seem to be there when you need them most.

---If you are someone who believes in fate and God and you believe that everybody has a particular time to die made for them, then you should also believe, as sad and horrible as it may be, that suicide is meant to happen. Perhaps the individual is actually MEANT to die at this time and it just so happens that suicide is the way they die?
I really don't know...I'm just putting down my opinion. I hope it helps at least one person out there.

---This definition wasn't intended to encourage people to commit suicide, I am merely hoping that it will help everybody else to understand a bit more about suicide and why people commit it.
Commiting suicide does not make you weak. Or selfish.
by Yahni.. February 20, 2006
1) The act of taking one's own life. 2) An ill-advised act causing irrevocable harm to one's reputation: political suicide, social suicide, intellectual suicide.
Comparing rape to bad traffic would be considered political suicide, especially considering women are consistently swing voters.
by LudwigVan November 11, 2003

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