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Suicidal romance x is an exploit loving, ectos stealing tard, which inhabits some dark corner of pre searing ascalon in the internet game guild wars. Considers herself one of the greats in pre, even as far as self appraising herself the 'queen of pre.' A very fitting title as she has the bank balance of a queen from generally farming exploit ales, and having convenient thunder storms during large trades (where the other persons items vanish mysteriously).

Elitist and will only speak with people she deems worthy to bask in her shadow. Enjoys long bouts of dancing in pre pretending to be afk and loving all the attention she gets from low lvl characters and regulars alike. All the while sporting rare minis only affordable with dirty ales.
Best avoided to be honest.

Now currently holds the 'Legendary defender of Ascalon' title in pre searing for successfully reaching lvl 20... but with characters like this, its no wonder ascalon had no chance in hell of keeping the charr at bay!
Person : Hey SR! hows it going?
Suicidal Romance X : ...
Person : Hey SR! Will you help me lvl please?
Suicidal Romance X : ...
Voice of Reason : Forget that nubbin, thinks she's too good for everyone
Person : Ok thanks for the heads up, what a bitch!
by YouKnowItMakesSense January 18, 2008
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A very popular and known Necro/Elementalist in the Pre-searing world of Guild Wars. Queen of Pre-Searing. You can usally see this person in Ascalon City, District 1. She is in the guild Uber Pre-searing Ownage {uber} and level 18,and going for the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title in pre-searing, which is getting to level 20 IN Pre-searing.

"Suicidal Romance X wtfpwnts pre-searing"
by noobtard :D January 24, 2007

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