1. The pronunciation of the word "sir" with a southern accent. (sr-uh)

2. A filler word for a universal female name such as "hon", "dear", etc. (sca-uh)
1. Sorry suh. I didn't know suh.

2. hey! a lot can happen in 14 minutes suhhhhh...
by mypantsareso April 01, 2007
Top Definition
A southern term widely used in Alabama and Georgia as an abbreviation for the word "sister".
Hey suh.
Suh, What's the move tonight?
by Southern_belle August 07, 2014
how "sir" is pronounced in thr south
i'm real sorry suh.
by s w a r m May 06, 2005
Short for the most notorious gangster in the CLT.
Watch out for the Gangsta Suh. He's deep AND dangerous.
by Bong Kim December 16, 2003
Suh: (n) An idiot, a moron, a dummy, someone with no common sense whatsoever; (v) to do something so stupid it defies all logic.
ex: That guy who got ejected is a real Suh.

ex: That idiot for the Lions really Suhed up during the game yesterday.
by SPF1129 November 25, 2011
Word meaning "so" used throughout the sentence to emphasize and exaggerate what's being said, can also be used independently to express general happiness or excitement.
-I miss you suh muchhhhh!

by cvaj February 12, 2009
from the latin prefix of suhgliei and the conjugated pronoun "KENROY", it is an amazing use of the common english diAlect.
Whattup SUH baby?!! Hows it ballin suhgg? (a suh who is also a thug) or Yo they call me D Suh.... Yo why they call u D suh.... I 'ont know.
by Kenroy December 08, 2004

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