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A form of torture mostly used in prison consisting of mixing sugar and boiling water. Once applied to the skin it acts almost like acid melting it away
That c**t took my burn out my pad last night.... when I catch him he's getting sugared
by TraseSHM May 07, 2009
code word for being intoxicated, usually by an excessive amount of alcohol.
"Dude, i was so sugared last night, it was redunk."
by Mailz July 10, 2008
One who is candy-like; sweet to the eye. A person who is thought to be appealing to the eye. Eye-candy.
She is so sugared! He is sugared! Those chics think they are sugared. Give it up, you are not sugared honey.
by TruID June 24, 2006
Fired, sacked, given the heave ho!

As in Lord Sugar saying 'Your fired' on the Apprentice
Hey mate, how's the job going?
Not good, got 'sugared' last week
by Hullsie October 17, 2010
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