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1)getting really hyper, after participating in variouse activities that make you so. being on a sugar high.

2) getting a sexual favor. mostly in reference to the def lepard song, "pour some sugar on me".

3) to make a story seem better, you sugar it up, or lie.

4) sucking up to someone in order to get something by being extra-sweet to them.
1) aah im so sugared up im twitching!

2) barbara sugared me up last night after i told her she was a sexy lady.

3) "i slightly dislike you sometimes," is a sugared up version of "i detest you and want to bludgeon your face with a dresser."

4) if you want to get money from a random person, you must sugar them up. bob asks random person : youre the hottest random person on the street. i like your shoes. i think you have a neat hair clip. say, can i borrow fifty bucks?
by hi im heather January 10, 2004
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