slang term forbullshit. To sugar coat a lie to make it sound better than the actual truth.
He gave me this sugar-shit about how he didn't cheat on me with that hoodrat.
#bullshit #sugared shit #bullshit excuse #sweet shit #caramel covered shit.
by M. Woods March 29, 2008
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Top Definition
A form of profuse, loose, stool associated with a large consumption of sugar-based beverages or food. i.e. Beer, cupcakes, a whole box of "Drake's Cakes", etc.

This phenomenon is often known as "Bud Mud," most particularly when exclusively derived from beer consumption.
"I hope that muthafucka gets the sugar shits and messes up your whole apartment." - Patton Oswalt quoting Dr. Pepper at Yuk Yuks in Toronto.
#bud mud #ass slurpee #ass smoothie #ass candy #fly bait.
by Ted Dibiasi October 25, 2005
When in a situation that warrants public obedience, but the person saying it does not give a shit.
Man: We do not have that in stock.
Reply: Oh Sugarshit !!!!
#sugar #shit #sugarshit #shitting sugar #azucar
by Mildred the fifth December 25, 2007
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