Term of endearment for a co-worker of the same sex that you regularly have inappropriate dreams about.
Have a good night Sugar Plum.
by Jason376 October 03, 2014
A sex act wherein a man runs his tongue from the anus along the vagina up to the belly button and into the mouth of a woman in one motion.
My girlfriend has a urinary tract infection, possibly due to my constant SUGARPLUMMING.
by Mister Pinky June 08, 2010
Something Frank Zappa applied rotation to with his thumb in his song dynamo humm.
Listen to song for example
by Jason "White" February 25, 2005
When a fancy Nancy smack his sugar plum balls against ones body part
David Urbina sugar plumed Joshua Orozco in the face for being a bitch.
by ratchet doll December 25, 2013
The firm, perfect boobies of an amazing looking girl.
Wow, look at those sugar plums, they look amazing. I want to touch them, feel them, rub them on my face. I want to caress their every inch.
by Princess face March 23, 2012
an attractive woman with really nice tits, boobs
mmmm she is a sugar plum
by ginger lover November 07, 2008
A homosexual, transvestite black male, usually found with glitter and or crack cocaine sprinkled on their body. Will give blow jobs for free drugs.
Rupaul is a Sugar Plum
by chavez chavez420 March 03, 2010

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