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A term of endearment used to convey the pleasure and desirability of kissing another's lips as if they taste sweet like sugar.
Come here and give me some of that sweetness sugar lips.
by JDogg713 May 22, 2008
sweet tasting lips
that girl has sweet ass sugarlips. makes my teeth hurt when i kiss her but i love it!
by kronickate July 20, 2008
A homosexual. Because most men do not have a vagina, the lips will accordingly take the place (along with the anus) of asaid organ during sexual encounters between gay men.

A man with sugar-lips can easily be identified because of his fine, glossy lips, and an uncontrollable and almost unconscious propensity for licking them.

Please note, as a general guideline, that while all men with sugar-lips are gay, not all gay men have sugar-lips.
Woman: What a hot piece of ass!

Homosexual man: Oh pleease. He's definately got the sugar-lips, hun.


Examples: Keith Olbermann, Tom Cruise.
by vinman11 November 09, 2006
Referring to the lips of the mouth or vaginal area of a woman containing a sweet taste.
Hey sugar lips let me taste sum of that sugar
by JMoney April 03, 2004
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