Eating to much sugar during the night, and waking up tired and pretty messed up in the head. Thats a sugar hang-over.
I ate candy tonight... Oh maaan i will be having a sugar hang-over tomorrow
by Imme Loutfi February 21, 2011
Top Definition
when you have too much sugar so you have a stomachache, you're really tired, and have a headache
i ate too much candy in an hour so i had a sugar hangover real bad.
by Mr.. Jingles February 21, 2009
the undesirable taste in your mouth 30 minutes to one hour following the eating of sugary foods
Person 1: Dude, that brownie batter we ate was so good!

Person 2: Yeah but now my mouth has a total sugar hangover

Person 1: Gross.
by fast&easy September 12, 2011
Where you have a sugar rush but your body just rejects the energy and you feel sluggish as hell.
Jimmy Jim: Man I had the worst sugar hangover last night.
Chrisy Chris: tight bro.
by nicememebro November 20, 2015
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