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Canadianism for a maple syrup (and maple sugar) farm. So-called because these operations harvest sap from wild maple trees, so the "farm" is actually forest, known in Canada as "the bush."

It has nothing to do with a woman's sweet sweet pubic area, although it sure does sound like it.
"Jacques and me, we went down to Yvette's sugar bush to get some sweet, sweet syrup, eh?"
by Adman12 October 24, 2005
it is when you put candy that is called fun dip on the girls public hair and then you lick them all off
dewy gave kara a sugar bush lastnight
by Taylorkane4 April 19, 2007
An affectionate term for the vagina.
I love your sugar bush.
by veronica m. November 18, 2006
It is when you have overgrown pubic hair and then you or have someone ejaculate on it. You then have to wait for it to dry out so it looks like sugar. Boom you now have a SugarBush
"Oh my gawddd the other night my boyfriend made me a SugarBush! Ohh my it was so hawtt"
by Chazzard The Hazard January 27, 2014
The sexual act when a man ejaculates into a females pubic hair.

Sugarbushing, Sugarbushed
Girl: OMG you just jizzed in my bush!?!?
Guy: Hellz yeah, you just got SUGARBUSH ED!
by charliebrown1234 August 14, 2011
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