a male or female with excessive money spent on the opposite sex to make them feel special and keep them around
my sugar daddy just bought me a 2ct. ring, my papi loves me
by lil pimp July 21, 2003
An older man (over 40 years of age) who goes after younger women (18 to 35 years of age) and pursues a relationship with them (can be romantic/sexual or just for non-sexual company) in exchange for money or other material goods. The woman is often in the relationship for a short period of time until she gets what she wants (financial stability or other possessions) and is referred to as a "sugar daughter", "sugar baby" or "gold-digger". Most young women are not interested in this type of relationship and would rather date a man closer to their own age or a man they actually love. Sometimes a younger woman actually does fall in love with a respectable older man so she is not a gold-digger, however this is rare and most young women are attracted to men their own age and don't like being "hit on" by old men. Most people think this type of relationship is wrong or embarrassing (some may refer to a "sugar daddy" as a "cradle snatcher" - a slang term). Opinions on the term "sugar daddy" vary. Old men who are interested in younger women may not be offended by this type of relationship, while younger men may find it weird and most women find it degrading.
Hugh Hefner is an example of a very old "sugar daddy."

"Sugar dady" is the opposite of a "sugar mama" or "cougar" - which refer to an older woman who pursues a relationship with a much younger man.
by 2_anonymous_2 April 23, 2013
an older man who supports/provides for a younger woman (ex. financially) in return for companioship and/or sexual favors.
Ex. Sugar Daddy - Anyone Stephanie Lestage dates :o)
by Goddess of All!! July 19, 2008
(proper noun) a delicious, yet somehow cumbersome, morsel of chocolate goodness on a stick with a brownish hue. invented by some perv of unknown origins.
Dang! My sugar daddy sho is sweet!
by kroovyandcal December 15, 2008
A sugar coated term for prostitution. The only relationship looks sweet, but its realities are quite disturbing.
The sugar daddy was old so he would have to pay for it anyway.
by arieljopp October 13, 2014
The USSR during the Cold War. Specifically, the USSR providing Cuba with oil in exchange for sugar, even though the USSR did not really need any sugar. This was done to gain Cuba's alliance after the USA stopped buying sugar from Cuba in response to Cuba's newly instated communist rule.
Kruschev was Castro's sugar daddy, literally.
by ebo! March 19, 2009
Three-leaved clovers covered in sugar and wrapped in a blunt.
Dude, those sugar-daddy's we smoked last night were sweet.
by ELWANKUSPANKUS September 04, 2003

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