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Used in response to the ill fortunes of another. Or when something is deemed to have sucked for a friend. Or the punctuation at the end of a well excecuted prank.
Friend A: "Bro, i think i have herpes"
Friend B: "Sucksin."

Friend A: (Finds that his chicken ball wrap contains under 5 chicken balls)
Friend B: "Suck is in!"

Friend A: (Has just realized everything in his room has been turned upside down and covered in post-its)
Friend B: "SUXIN!"
by Brian Ho'YAB May 02, 2006
basically it sucks that happend to you, but who really gives a shit
Girl 1: i hate my life...i'm transferring schools

Girl 2: Sucks IN!
by busledge April 01, 2008
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