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the execution of a lynch mobs reaction to a kiddie fiddler from within the village. (Ireland in the 40's to present day)
The guilty person would be stripped naked, bound by the wrists and gagged, the rope is then thrown over a beam in a barn & a young calf is let in at the swinging man whose feet are 6-8" off the ground.
The calf will eventually find the mans penis and think it is a teet. when the calf recives no milk he gives the pelvic area a head-butt., the calf will persist (all night) this may sound nice for the first 1 or 2 mins. but after 20 the calf is running the full length of the barn to head-butt the fiddler resulting in the pelvis, legs & spine being shattered and the person dead (if he is lucky)...
if he keeps up an intrest in that young girl he is heading for a suckcalf!
by suckcalf September 01, 2005
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