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A sucka who is also a foo

Look at that sucka foo
by sucka foo April 01, 2003
1. a sucka and a fool
2. a term meaning "what the hell?"
1. jim- you suck!
sally- oh that was cold
jim- it sure was, sucka foo!
2. jim- your a dubs
sally- sucka foo?!?

obviously, there's some tension there
by topher7756 August 24, 2005
A combination of the words sucka and fool. Also a word used to rub something in another persons face.
by AuBsCayPoPo November 12, 2010
1. an insult
2. a cool way to be a 'wanna be' gansta
1. god damnit sucka foo bitch
2.hey yo sucka foo..
by elie belly jelly bean February 17, 2009
A question, typically meaning, "What the hell?"
Sucka foo, motherfucker?
by yothsothgoth February 27, 2005
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