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What it is said that female porkers can do to large motorcycles.
Man, I'll be she can suck start a Harley!
by Nasty Gash June 19, 2003
Term to describe suicide by firing a weapon placed inside your mouth.
I think im going to suckstart my pistol.
by The Real Mongoose! August 19, 2009
1. (v) - a play on the phrase describing the method to start a lawnmower, a suck start is a blowjob begun while the dick is still flaccid but differs in that it does not continue until completion and that it's primary purpose is to assist in achieving an erection.

Similar to: pull start, fuck start, start from scratch
She wanted to get down so I told her, "Baby, you know this law mower is a suck start, so get to it."
by D. Ward May 05, 2010

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