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Let's say you have a really HUGE cock and/or a very small girlfriend, and she has a hard time going down on your penis orally. Tell her to "suck it sideways"! This way, instead of getting stuck on your pecker head, she can suck you all the way down to your balls, and back again!
MAX JOHNSON: Swallow my cock bitch!

LIL' LIPS: Honey, you know I can't. Your weiner is just way too HUGE!

MAX: Suck it sideways sugar.

LIL': What do you mean?

MAX: Play my Harmonica baby.

LIL': OOOooohhh. Okay.

MAX: Yeah ... yeah ... yeah ... ooohhh, Harmonica baby, NOT corn on the cob. Ouch!

LIL': Sorry Max ... how's that?

MAX: Oh alright honey you KNOW what I like!
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