Sucking a fuck is a combination of a blow job and straight up fucking. The chick is on her back, while the dude literally fucks her in the mouth forcefully thrusting his dick in and out of the hole on her face. A bit of flexibility is involved for the guy ...and a whole lot of props for the girl.
Girl, last night I was giving this dude a blow job and he climbed on top, mounted my face like a spider monkey, and humped my face. I now know how to suck a fuck.
by creeky6969 October 30, 2011
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A insulting command used in the greatest movie ever made, Donnie Darko.
elizabeth: "Why don't you suck a fuck"
donnie: "Tell me Elizabeth, how does one suck a fuck?"
elizabeth: "Do you want me to tell you?"
by Donnie Darko is my lover April 26, 2003
Amazingly awesome quote used by elizabeth(Maggie Gyllenhaal) in response to donnie(jake Gyllenhaal) calling her a fuckass in the movie Donnie Darko.
Donnie: your such a fuckass.
Elizabeth: did you just call me a fuckass? you can go suck a fuck!
by Mr. Gibbons March 23, 2008
To establish a partial vacuum with ones mouth around a physical sexual encounter in an attempt to draw nourishment from a couples custard cannon and pantie hamster.
im so hungry i could suck a fuck
by StreetSpirit March 16, 2003
How exactly does one suck a fuck?
"Go suck a fuck"
"How exactly does one suck a fuck?"
by Moses x August 13, 2006
A little known act performed in the later Middle Ages. Wandering minstrels, usually those with few talents, would entertain onlookers by "sucking a fuck" which involved a wooden rod and a live goose. The performer would take the rod and try to gently slide it into the anal cavity of the goose without frightening it and causing it to fly away.
"Gather around as I attempt to suck a fuck."
"The entertainer wasn't very good. He tried to suck a fuck and failed miserably and his goose refused to even come near him."
"The goose looked quite content perched on top of the stick. Then we all realized the the performer wasn't using a live goose, it had been dead for hours. The man would never suck a fuck again."
by Spike July 04, 2004
1. when used as an insult, means the same as fuck off, or go fuck yourself, or get the fuck out of my house. Usually directed at someone irritating or ugly.

2. when used literally, would most likely mean (though no one knows who would honestly do this) to use the tongue and lips to actually suck someone else's intercourse. to lick and/or suck the area where the penis is entering the vagina.
1. Elizabeth: Donnie, you're such a fuckass!
Donnie: Oh yeah? Well, you can go suck a fuck!

2. "Man, I thought a threesome would be hot, but all that crazy bitch did was suck our fuck!"
by the justin January 19, 2006

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