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A half white nigger who lives in the suburbs and acts Caucasian, until they are around other niggers, then they return to their "roots" of being a lying, stealing, cheating, raping, murdering, welfare collecting, crying about "white people", doing prison time, non-contributing to society nigger.
Any half white nigger, should be considered a "suburban nigger".
by omega greek February 26, 2009
A black person who lives in an upper middle class white neighborhood. Since they are the closest thing to ghetto in their town, they feel the need to act like inner city niggers living the struggle even though they themselves are living comfortably. rather than just ignore their racial difference and blend into society they exasperate the difference and make sure you always know them as you're black friend or "that black guy". Even though they have the potential to succeed in life, they often choose to be lazy, and usually don't commit any crimes or do anything else commonly associated with hood niggas. These niggers also try to live by the thug life even though it's circumstances never apply to their lives. They live in a purgatory between real niggas, and hood niggas in that they act like the latter, when they could easily be the former.

Common traits of Suburban Niggers are: wearing baggy jeans, ridiculous haircuts, acting tough, saying "cause I'm black",using black slang and "talking black", mooching off of others, and being an underachiever.
Guy 1:"hey man did you seen Tyrone today?"
Guy 2:"Yeah, he kept asking me for a dollar as if he was was broke."
Guy 1:"We all know no one is poor in this town, he's such a suburban nigger."
Ex 2...
Suburban Nigger:"yo man, do you have yesterdays homework? I didn't do it."
Guy 1:"You're so lazy Tyrone."
Suburban Nigger:"Are you saying that 'cause I'm black?"
Guy 1:"That has nothing to do with what I said."
Ex 3: Any black person living in the midwest suburbs
by Emperor_Hirohito February 01, 2014

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