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Well he's a f00kin pwner that thinks sometimes hi is 1337 coz he has ^- on end of his fcukin nickz0r, sometimes he thinks he sux@UT i agree to that 1. Actually I pwn him @ evereh game we play >:D 1000 of godlikes i have on him xD
<bornQuisT> HA! feelin' pwned again?!
<substylez^-> Yes : U R teH greatest in TeH world!!!!11 I wanna B Like U \o/

by bornQuisT February 23, 2005
It's the fantastic highpinger UT playing shock / rifle whore who can own you even with his highping! Let us all fear the allmighty substylez!!!
<dude> OMFG substylez botz! 0_0
<substylez> lemme send u a demo :p
by Gints February 22, 2005
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