A retarded chicken that is misleadingly made out to be a "live broadcast" when it is actually pre-recorded. It can pick out words in the middle of junk, like "fjkdlfakjljfkjumpfjkdlfjad" (look in the middle, you'll see "jump"), yet cannot understand "L I G H T S - O F F" (it will understand "lights off"). The only reason I don't diss this completely is because Nikita likes it, and cuz I'm crazy about her... oops, I shouldn't be saying that where she can see it. Oh well.
"Hi I'm A Retarded Subservient Chicken"
by Steaver370 April 25, 2004
Top Definition
A bizarre advertising stunt pulled by Burger King, where you 'control' a giant rooster-man wearing a garter belt.

Through the eyes of its 'webcam', you can throw any command you like, from 'jump', to 'watch tv', to 'hump the couch'.

"The subservient chicken is strange as hell, and did not make me any hungrier for chicken."
by That Guy April 11, 2004
Note: The above definition is old. I do not like Nikita anymore - not even as a friend!
Kwih. Kwih.
by Steaver370 June 05, 2004
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