Severely underrated Anarcho-Punk band formed in the UK in the 1980s. Their singer, Dick Lucas, had a voice similar to Steve Ignorant from Crass. He wrote extremely intelligent, politically charged lyrics, and as a result are sometimes referred to as the DK of the United Kingdom. Bruce was one of the better guitarists in all of punk, and their second bassist, Phil, was amazing. On later albums, they experimented with prog and ska.
"No, I don't believe in Jesus Christ; my mother died of cancer when I was five. No, I don't believe in religion; I was forced to go to church, I wasn't told why. No, I don't believe in the police when police brutality isn't a dream. No, I don't believe in the system, cause nothing it does makes sense to me."
--Subhumans, "No"
by DJ Fuckhead May 10, 2012
Anarcho punk band started in 1979 by former members of The Mental and The Stupid Humans. Lead singer Dick Lucas also sang for Culture Shock and Citizen Fish. Also featured in a song by A Global Parasite called "Seven Seven". The Subhumans were put on Flux of Pink Indians label after sending a demo to them. After this they formed BLUURG records
Person 1: who are the subhumans?
Person 2: fuckin awesome
by classyshit January 18, 2012
the other most amazing band in the world
by lydia April 27, 2003
An individual who prepares the sandwiches in places such as subway or quiznos. This definition is somewhat derogatory but reflects the lowly status of this 'occupation'.
The sub-human screwed up by putting in red onion when I specifically asked for none.........again!
by Ryd June 25, 2006
1: Jon Alvarez
2: see 1
3: see 1
4: see 1
5: see 1
6: see 1
7: see 1
8: etc...
Hey there goes the sub-human right now, what a jackass.
by Big Brad the Dad August 25, 2004

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