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Sub-Tropical Chode Theory is the theory that the closer one is to the tropical or equatorial areas of the earth the sweatier his chode will be.

Shown by this formula: Cs=1/√(Lat.°)

Explained: The proportionate sweatiness of a chode will effectively vary inversely to the square root of it's latitudinal position in the northern hemisphere.

Also called: "Sweating Balls", Greasin' up the bum bridge" And in some ritzy circles also known as "perspiring the dew of grace."
Dude it's hot down here. My chode's been sweating like a fat man at a theme park.

If I knew more about sub-tropical chode theory I would have stayed in Orlando.

A chode will sweat more in Miami than in northern Florida.
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by Dr. Scrote November 29, 2007
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