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The term pertains to someone unable to use language correctly. The word implies that someone cannot spell, speak, form sentences, or in any way converse at a level at or equal to that of Republican vice-presidential candidates.
"Man, why was ridiculous spelled wrong in that email?"

"Probably because Eric is sub-literate."
by TheCox500 January 28, 2009
means the same as obliterate.
man, am I gonna sub-literate those working classes today.
by millerthegorilla January 29, 2009
1. To be completely clueless on how to using the subway or other means of public tranportation;

2. To be unable to read a subway map;
Why did he take a taxi to Central Park when he could have just taken the subway?

Because that dumb ass is subliterate.
by JimmyJay May 03, 2007

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