Something that is disappointing, or the opposite of good.
Amy: "So, how are you feeling today?"

Sarah: "Ugh, pretty subawesome...I got hammered last night!"
#lame #unimpressive #bad #uncool #uninteresting
by LunaSH June 19, 2010
Top Definition
A level of quality or awesomeness that is significantly lower than the highest level of quality or awesomeness, or in the most common cases, completely lacking in quality or awesomeness.
SWDev A: Are those guys from specs smoking crack or something? This is a fricking joke!

SWDev B: Well, I will admit the latest revision certainly is sub-awesome.
#suboptimal #crap #shitty #junky #useless #totally fucked up
by greid March 06, 2012
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