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One who stutters. Originally used for Cole's teacher Mr. Cunningham in The Sixth Sense.
-You talked funny when you went to school here. You talked funny all the way to high school!
--Who have you been s-speaking to?
-Stuttering Stanley! Stuttering Stanley! Stuttering Stanley!
--Stop it, you f-... freak!
by CaptainSiberia July 02, 2010
Originally the name of the guy who shot Bruce Willis's character in the 6th sense. He was angry because he was teased for his speech.

Now used to refer to a person who stammers when riled up.
-You're a jerk.
--I am, am, am, nNnNnot! I ha-ha-hate you.
-Whatever, stuttering stanley!
by Monsterofmidland November 23, 2007
When a dumb, idiotic person can't speak correctly, especially when yelling.
My brother is a fucking retarded fag! He becomes a stuttering stanley when he gets pissed off.
by ursofake April 10, 2006
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