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the turning down of the corners of the lips to signify disdain, chagrin, or pensiveness; based loosely off the face of a sturgeon (a type of fish)

a typical response to disgusting or unfortunate news
Math Teacher: Jimmy, the front office wants to see you. Apparently your grandmother just died. Also, you got an F on your Calculus final.

Jimmy: *sturgeon face*
by fishyrace April 28, 2009

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1. The facial representation that mimics the natural look of the sturgeon fish. It applies to a wide range of emotions such as sadness, smugness, embarrassment, confusion, apathy, and deep concentration.

a) The corners of the mouth are turned downward into a large frown. Movie villains are notorious for this look when a plan goes wrong.
Kelly ruined all of our vacation pics with her stupid sturgeonface!

Bill Clinton invented the sturgeonface.

by redrocksyeahyeah February 02, 2010