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stupid haoles, i'm not sure what percentage of the haoles out there in the world are stupid haoles, but i know there's a great number of them. haole is the hawaiian word for foreigner, but mainly used for white people. i'm gonna spread it out to a broader sense of the world, instead of just keeping it in hawaii
stupid haoles aren't just ignorant about other cultures, but they think their better than other cultures because they don't know shit about them. they're stupid, they're rude, and they deserve an ass kicking by anyone they act stupid and rude too.
stupid haoles also think they know shit about other cultures, but what they know... is stupid, and not true. they get the facts wrong, and to add to that, they change it some more to something even worst.
they go around forcing their ways onto others because they think they're better, and they're right and everyone else is wrong!
lets bring it back to hawaii real quickly. those haoles who think that the haoles of the past didn't invaded and take over hawaii... please know, that you are a stupid haole. they imprisoned the queen, and forced an annex. even before that, when the first haoles came to hawaii... they brought diseases and illnesses that didn't exsist here before, as well as invasive animals and plants that destroyed many of our native ones. before the haoles came to hawaii, the hawaiians were prosperous and well in numbers; after haole arrival, their numbers dropped, and many aspects of the culture has been lost.
and because of stupid haoles of the past, that has happened to many different cultures... today, many stupid haoles think they're better than people of those cultures.
that stupid haole should shut the fuck up, because he don't know shit!

brah, you seen how rude that stupid haole was, they no teach respect or something where he/she from.

stupid haole bitch, no make like you know everything.

by xenoshi April 01, 2008
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