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Someone so handsome beyond comprehension and is very good with the ladies. He is a stud.
That cashier is so studly look at all those ladies surrounding him.
by mordanlover816 May 20, 2009
Being a stud, or pimp, picking up ladys rapidly or excelling in sports. Usually the most popluar person in a school
Man Kyle is Studly i wish i could be just like him.
by Martoneisabeast July 18, 2008
one who is quite stud-like.

to be a stud, but only more so.

plural -
"The bigger the dick I have, the more studly I am."
by a studly stud September 06, 2004
being very sexually attractive. being toned and having a nice body.
good looking and manly.
my christopher is very studly!! <3
by madly in love with you December 14, 2010
a butch lesbian who attracts a lot of femme lesbians; a very flirty butch woman
"Don't even think it; Studly will never settle down"
by femmewhoknows February 25, 2009
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