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a person who is a very stupid douche bag, or an act of very stupid douche bagness. Also used an adjective to describe something as such.
God, you are being such a stuce today
by Jeremy Meadows, creator of word December 22, 2006
When someone acts awkward towards you after a hook up like when someone purposefully avoids eye contact. When someone texts/calls you to come to party and then avoids you when you get there. When someone flakes on plans.
Verb Example: Brad totally stuced me this morning in the Student Center and acted like he didn't see me, and all we did was make out last night. Calm your balls I'm not trying to make you my boyfriend.
by ShelleyandMaria April 28, 2013
Noun, verb, or adjective. A couple that is so into each other, anything they do turns into gymnastics.
I saw Jill and John stuce in the hallway after school. She went to give him a hug and he picked her up and threw her on his back.
by kmmsoc January 17, 2011
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