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A term frequently used by residents of Canberra, Australia to describe the nearby debilitated town of Queanbeyan.
What, you're moving to struggletown? I guess the rent's pretty cheap.
by over9000cocks October 23, 2009
A metaphorical town in which people who struggle are said to reside. If a person struggles in one certain aspect of their life which would be befitting of an occupation in struggletown, they are adopted into Struggletown in that occupation.

Realistically, Struggletown would be the most disfunctional town in the world, but that would never be allowed to happen.
- Blake, the Struggletown stripper, struggles to remove his pants.
- Clutch, the Struggletown mayor, struggles in general
- T-Bag, the Struggletown law enforcement officer, struggles to retain sobriety
- Mrs Watkins, the old lady in the Struggletown nursing home/mental institute (for the record, she loves it there and thinks clutch does a good job.)
- Rushford, the Struggletown engineer, who struggles to write and spell coherently
- A Bag of Oats
by TLF May 28, 2007
When a person is having extreme difficulty performing an action either due to it being extremely difficult or the person in question suffering from a hang over, being distracted or un-motivated
Oh man, I shouldn't have gone out last night. I was in serious struggle town during that lecture
by lanewys February 17, 2010
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