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Strood is one of the areas of Medway, famous for its inbreeding and the chronically low IQ of its populace. The inhabitants occasionally make it across the medway river bridge to vomit and otherwise pollute the other worthless towns of Medway. The almost equally inbred specimens of the other Medway towns, such as Chatham, even look down their noses at their mutated neighbours in Strood.

Generally there is rivallry between the gangs of youths, destined to become human flotsam , in Chatham and Strood with the occasional welcomed stabbing.
Dude, are we in a zombie movie or are those guys from Strood?

Shit, here comes a Stroodite, lock the cashbox.

Its a stroodite, hide their relatives who are obviously already in care.
by analmymouse May 12, 2009
48 28
A strood is another word for a sore anus; such as can be obtained via piles or excessive anal play.
"I have got such a strood from last night"

"My mouth feels like a strood today"
by alanymoose May 21, 2009
27 21