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A strobe light is something that one should not cary around with them at night when driving an excesive amount of people in their parents car under the influence of marijuana without a valid license.
The cop thought he saw a strobe light flashing in our car, when really it was only a digital camera.
by dyl0n October 15, 2005
Someone who is extremely bipolar
One second she was laughing and the next she was smacking someone. Not just anyone can strobe light like that.
by stober January 08, 2010
Strobe lighting is when you are making out with someone and you spit multiple times into their mouth.
Ben: "I want to strobe light you"
Amy: "Ew that's gross"
by amyxina November 22, 2013
something that messes up retards eyes and makes them look even more retarded then normal
Dude i wanna see BN's eyes in these strobe lights!
by Lights camera action February 20, 2011
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