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a mindset which tends to despoil the moral integrity of women who engage in ass-shaking on a professional basis for an extended period.

Over time, exposure to the shake joint environment has a tendency to exacerbate latent neuroses in females, particularly those which negatively affect their interpersonal relationships with males. Primary indicators of stripper mentality include emotional disassociation, narcissism and drug addiction.

As the stripper mentality takes hold of their personalities, these women come to view men as mark-ass tricks, trick-ass marks, and straight up sucker motherfuckers of whom they might take advantage. The pleasure they derive from sexual relations is often diminished, as the female instead comes to view sex - or more often, the promise of sex - as a means to an end, with the ends most commonly being acquisition of currency, material goods, illicit psychoactive substances, or some combination thereof.
My girlfriend just started stripping and she's making great money, but I'm worried that she might eventually fall prey to the stripper mentality. I've already closed our joint bank account just to be safe.
by hecktor dangus February 07, 2012
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